Day 3 with Tamir in Ethiopia...

Today was a day of laughing at each other all day.

She is so cooperative with us its amazing.  We wash her all the time, giver her vitamins, cream on her face. She never complains.  She loves all the smelly soaps and creams we have.. She is a girly girl.  

She is a pro at taking a bath and learns everything so fast.  It's amazing to watch.  She loves to be clean and can take baths and brush her teeth all day.  She puts things away and is very organized about her stuff.. even more than me.  I am sure you guys who know me well are laughing aloud right now.  

She likes to go to bed at 7:00 pm and wake up at 9:00 am. She sleeps like a log and we are basically laying next to her watching her sleep.  When we pray she laughs.. She kisses us all the time.. I love it.  We sing songs, read and say good night in her language and she covers her head with her sheet and she is off to bed.   This is the easiest kid yet... I hope it lasts.. I hope Neha and Jacob don't influence her the wrong way.

All day today she has been talking to us and we have no idea what she says most of the time.  We nod our head and remain attentive.  We had a funny incident today when she was asking me to go to the toilet a different way at the restaurant and I had no idea until she showed me with motions.  Quite a laugh this was with all her hand motions; it is going to be fun.  I hope she doesn't get too frustrated with all our hand motions and signals as well.  Of course I am over feeding her and the good Doctor is telling me to slow down.  She laughs at us fussing over her.  She thinks we are either crazy or funny.  

We took her to a gallery across the street and she told us stories and stories about some of the paintings.  We are hoping to go to the gallery near the embassy tomorrow morning and see if she likes any of the paintings there and bring some home.  We went to the market near our house today and her eyes were so amazed at everything in her own country.  She tried on everything and kept saying "WOW".  She was amazed at the traditional dress, beads, crosses, etc.. So of course I bought everything she liked.  I couldn't resist to bring some things home that reminded her of her country.  

We skyped today with Neha, Jacob and the family and she loved that.  She tells everyone, the driver, the guard, etc.. that she is going to America.  She is so excited.  I wish I could get inside her head to see what she is thinking.  

She definitely fits in our family with all her funny faces and silliness.  We are so amazed by her willingness to be with us.  I love watching her interact with Kelvin.  They have hit it off so well.  We will be walking along and she will attack him to tickle him.  It is so amazing to see her happy. 

We are thanking God each moment as He has gone before us and done the work needed to make this transition go so well for our family.  God is Good, All The Time!!!

Love, Elizabeth 
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Return to Ethiopia to Bring Tamir Home....

Hello Friends and Family, 

We have returned to Ethiopia this week to bring Tamir home.   We have had a great first day with Tamir in our custody at the Guest House.  She is an amazing little girl that is filled with Joy.  She is doing so well with us and we are enjoying her company.  She is full of life, by far the most energetic of our kids.  She loves to be outside, jump, skip run, jump rope (like a pro).  She has been very affectionate with us.  We learned how to say I love you in her language and she responds with I love you in English.  She is very spontaneous about her love and it overwhelms our hearts.  We will be sitting next to her eating or playing and she will turn to both of us with warm embraces and many kisses.

She has already started to bond very well with both of us.  She has really warmed up to Kelvin on this trip.  She is crazy like our family already with her funny faces and how she already is making fun of us.  We praise God for such a wonderful transition thus far with Tamir and many more great days to come.   

She keeps asking about Neha and Jacob.  She keeps wanting to see pictures of them.  She was bummed when we showed up without them.  Every time we say America she starts singing and dancing and shouting America.  We are a little nervous about that as we don't know what she is thinking America is all about.  Not sure what expectations are in her precious mind.  

Thank you for your prayers and support so far; We should be home soon and will keep you posted.  

Love, Elizabeth 


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Praising God for upcoming Embassy Appointment...

Dear Friends and Family,

We praise God for his divine hand on this process of submitting our application to the Embassy.  We are praying for an appointment the week of December 17th as we prepare to think about leaving for Ethiopia next week.

We are so excited about bringing Tamir home soon.  We can't wait to see her and miss her so much.  The kids are excited and ready for her to be home.  Please pray for our family at home as we will be travelling without them and on a special time of year.

Just got a fun photo of Tamir from Ethiopia.  More details to follow when we bring her home. 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for our family.  We are so blessed to have each of you as our friends and family.

Love, Elizabeth Shaw