Just Landed - India and Zambia Vision Trip.

Hello Family and Friends from the other side of the world,
We had a great flight and I slept too long. So now I am up telling you about it (12 hours ahead of Houston). I have not flown to India in over 10 years so it was interesting to fly over Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan as all those places have a different meaning for us now.
We are here in Delhi in hotel rooms that are built into the airport for transit passengers. I am amazed at this new airport, the subway to the terminal and all the high tech and clean amenities. India has really forged ahead and progress is very evident. My family lives about 15 minutes away so I was able to sweet talk the very tight security here in India to let me talk to them outside the airport for about 30 minutes this evening. The Security is crazy here in Delhi being the capital and so close to the border of the countries stated above. We will be flying through Hyderabad to get to Vijayawada with a drive to the smaller town of Narsapur on the Bay of Bengal. My dad used to share stories about this area (he lived nearby during his elementary years) when I was a child so I am excited to see it first hand.
Initial Prayer Requests:
1)Continued safety in our travels as we meet up with our team tomorrow in Hyderabad.
2) Prayer for understanding of the Indian orphan mission program in Narsapur and specifically the needs of this people group.
3)Prayer for relationships to be developed to help us better assess what is needed to for a self-supportive funding model for the program going forward.
4) Prayer for Humility and focus on God at all times.
5) Prayer for my Telugu (language spoken in Narsapur) to come back. I can understand but still have trouble speaking.
I will send pictures tomorrow. I am looking pretty shabby after this long flight :).
In Him,


Elizabeth's India and Zambia Mission Trip

Dear Friends and Family,

I pray that this communication finds you and your families doing well.   As some of you know, I will be visiting India and Africa with Lifesong for Orphans in the upcoming weeks as part of my call to serve.   God has been so gracious to allow me to be able to attend this vision trip that is designed to give us exposure to the mission efforts underway to serve children that are orphans in two areas where Lifesong supports orphanages and vocational schools.  The trips main objective is to help develop a plan for sustainable and self-supporting funding programs/models for the orphanages and schools.

I will do my best to send out updates from the trip; if you are interested in being part of the distribution, please reply back (elizabethshaw7@yahoo.com) and I would love to add you to the list.

Thank you for your continued support.  Many of you have asked about our adoption.  We are still in the process and waiting in the pipeline for Ethiopia with eager and prayerful hearts on what God has in store for our family. 

Please pray for:  Safe travels and God to be at the center of our purpose on the trip and prayer from my sweet family at home in Houston. 

Love, Elizabeth