Day 1 – Arrival in India, Bangalore 3:00 am… Bright and Early

We had a long flight from Houston to Dubai and then our second flight was from Dubai to India.   We slept the whole way to help with the Jet Lag when we arrived.

When we finally arrived in Bangalore, we had to go through security to get our luggage, go through security again, and finally leave the airport.   Although you probably thing this process was quick, it really was not.  It took us about thirty minutes to finally find our bags at the baggage claim, and there was a long line to clear security again.  The airports are incredibly secure here in India. 

We got picked up by some man who was taking us to the hotel, which was 45 minute drive from the Bangalore airport.   Of course, Neha enjoyed her ride in the very back seat, next to the luggage and got a bit carsick.

We arrived at the hotel and it was extremely unique and ornate.   The lobby had lit-up marble blocks arranged in abstract form, everything was in nice hues of soft warm colors, and there were giant crystals dangling from the extremely high ceilings. 

We knew that this was only the beginning of a very interesting story and trip and there was much more adventure and excitement to come this next week. 

Love, Neha and Elizabeth 

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