Day 2 – January 26th – Bangalore, India… Free day before we get to the Lifesong Orphanage

 The next day we woke up early and went to a church around the corner recommended by a dear friend in Chicago (Liz).   The All People’s church had a contemporary worship service where their pastor spoke about God’s plan for India with respect to it being India’s Republic Day.   The service lasted about 2 hours and we enjoyed every minute of it.  Neha could have taken of about an hour, but patiently listened and sang familiar worship songs.  After church we took a car ride to the Bangalore Palace and toured the grounds from the outside.  

We then proceeded to our Cousin’s home in Cox Town, Bangalore and older and pristine area of the city that was very well kept.   My mom was so surprised at how they cleaned up the new tech city of Bangalore.  There were now cows to be found and the footpaths had been cleaned up.  She was hesitant to ask the driver  what had happened, but finally asked how the city was cleaned up and what happened to all the people living on the streets.   Our driver, Malcolm, was gracious to fill us in.  He told us that the cows and people have been displaced to the outskirts of the city where shelters were provided for them. 

We stayed at our family home and spent time playing with the kids for about 2 hours and then left with one of our cousin’s wife, who took us to see a Temple from the outside and then to the famous Commercial street shopping.  Shops were filled with handicrafts, clothing, jewelry, etc.  We enjoyed walking through the store.  We were all starting to get a bit tired being up from 3:00 am that morning and retired early to bed. 

Bangalore was a very modern city that reminded me of the United States.  My mom was constantly marveling at the progress that had been made from with Metra transport, Highways, and the volume of cars in the city.   She was proud that her country had made so much progress in such a short time.

I was waiting for our next trip to Vijawada and then to Narsapur to the Lifsong Kids, my main purpose for being here. 

Love, Neha  and Elizabeth

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