ONE YEAR LATER... JANUARY 2014...Trip to Lifesong India with Neha Shaw

Hello Friends and Family,

It has been a year since we have updated our blog.  So much has happened in that time.  God has been so faithful in our lives.

We are now a family of 5 that is learning to work together in a unique way.  Tamir has been an such a blessing and a wonderful addition to our family.  We can not imagine our lives without her.  She is truly our spiritual accountability in the home.   It has been a long year of adjustments, laughter, crying and hard days and nights.  We have made it through the first year drawing closer to one another and more thankful each day for God's new mercies every morning.

This year we have watched dear friends loose loved ones, celebrate successes and milestones in our home and learn more than we wanted to know about ourselves.  God has challenged us to take our family on a journey in 2014 to pursue him more each day.   This year will truly be filled with greater discipline in spending more time in the word and together as a family seeking His desires for our hearts.  
Our prayer walk is more energized as we have had the privilege to walk along side friends dealing with loss, illness and uncertainty each day.   I am reminded daily about an old worship song my family used to sing at prayer meetings growing up.  "The Steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies shall never come to end.  They are new every morning, new every morning.  Great is thy Faithfulness, Oh' Lord, Great is thy Faithfulness."

Kelvin is doing well and keeping very busy with his work, taking course work at Rice University and being an amazing dad and husband to our family each day.  He is truly the balance and leadership that keeps are home floating and not sinking each day.

Elizabeth just turned 40, yes 40.   I enjoyed a beautiful time with friends and family in NYC reflecting on good times with old friends and family.  So thankful for that time and my unique and amazing friendships.   I am enjoying this phase of life watching my children grow into amazing sojourners of life.  They are not afraid to try new things and say the funniest things each day that keep me laughing all the time.

Neha is still the crazy, loving, godly girl that she has been over the years.  She is about to be 11 this year and keeps me on my toes as she signs up for everything.  She is enjoying acting/singing in center stage and all the many other things she signs up for at school.   She loves to be a little too social and enjoys her friendships.  She has been an amazing big sister this year and has taken on more responsibility with her new puppy.  Neha is finally getting that verse in the Bible... "Be Still and know that I am God."

Jacob has grown a tremendous amount this year in maturity.  He is our anchor in so many ways.  He loves deeply and continues to grow in his walk with the Lord in a way that I am so impressed daily.  He loves his friends at school and is really enjoying tennis and lacrosse this year.    

Tamir has jumped in with both feet and adjusted to the US better than we all imagined.  She loves school, friendships, and trying just about every sport there is.   She has been a joy to watch each day.   She has had an amazing school year and continues to amaze us each day.   Her prayers and her love for the Lord have been a testimony to our family each day.

We will be keeping this blog updated in the next few weeks as Neha and I take our first trip together to India.  Neha will be coming with me on a mission trip to the Lifesong India Orphanages in Narsapur, Andhra Pradesh.  I am so excited to see how God is going to use this trip in her life.   She has seen pictures of India, but has no idea what she is about to discover.

She will also have the opportunity to update the blog while we are there, so you will be hearing from her as well.  We would love your prayers at this time as we embark on this journey with great anticipation.  Please also keep Brenna Stull in your prayers as she will be leading the women through many discussions on their faith and understanding of God's plan for their lives.

Love and Prayers, Elizabeth Shaw

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