Day 5 – January 29th – Lifesong India Home and Pastors Conference.

We woke up bright and early once again at 5:30 am to go down for assembly, where Mrs. Brenna spoke again to all of the kids.   The kids were really warming up to us today and we had a good time with them laughing and enjoying their company.  The region has had several strikes and some of the kids schools were cancelled.  That just meant we had more time with them.  We have really enjoyed our new friendships and experience the love that these children have despite their circumstances.   

This was a lighter day and the girls were so comfortable that they came up to the third floor and spent time talking to us about their lives and what was happening in their world today.   One of the girls shared how her father was a truck (Lawry sp.) driver and died in accident and her mother shortly followed after with sickness within a week.   She was so concerned about her well being and needed prayer that she passes her 10th standard exams to move forward with pre-college and then to university.  For most children in India their grades are very important and that is their only way out in life to experience economic freedom.  I was impressed with how hard they study.  We have so much play time in the United States and are not that stressed out.

My mom explained to me that all of these children in the homes are the lowest caste (dalit’s or untouchable) and have no economic freedom so they are labeled as economic orphans.   We enjoyed sharing our hearts and prayers with these girls and boys as their hearts are heavy for their families and their future. 

That afternoon we attended the pastor’s conference again which was filled with energy and a yearning to learn.  We wrapped up our evening at the Children’s home when the girls came back from the lower school and spent more time with them singing and playing. I do have to say that the Pastor's Conferences for me where a little boring.  They loved Pastor Chris, Bob and Siromani who were very funny to watch.

I have really enjoyed the girls and their warm welcome of my mom and me.  I am touched by the way we all seem the same, but yet born into such different circumstances in life. 

This has been a long several days and I decided to go to bed early.  That is a big deal for me since I love the dinners in the evening.

Love, Neha

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